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Call for Papers: Wheelock International Journal of Children, Families, and Social Change

Inaugural Issue: Call for Papers

Academic JournalsThe Wheelock International Journal of Children, Families, and Social Changeis an online, open-access, interdisciplinary forum for substantive conversations about understanding and improving the lives of children and families throughout the world. Our scope is unique and broad: peer-reviewed scholarly articles as well as essays by policy makers, advocates, educators, NGOs, and practitioners. We seek contributions that infuse intellectual rigor with moral and social purpose, and offer action strategies to address old problems and new opportunities. We aim for a broad and inclusive readership. Our goal: to enhance understanding and to foster change and progress.

The journal welcomes manuscripts from both established and emergent scholars and leaders. We publish a range of contributions, including case-studies, comparative analyses, advocacy, and policy articles. All submissions are carefully reviewed by relevant scholars and leaders in the field to maintain the highest standards of rigor and insight. Submissions to the Research & Scholarship section will be double-blind, peer-reviewed. We welcome submissions from outside academia.

Relevant topics include education and schools, parenting and childrearing, globalization, gender, new pedagogies, work, service learning, art and music, violence, urbanism, health, media, technology, and more. We ask authors to formulate perspectives that are cutting-edge, and to write for a wide readership that expands beyond the traditional confines of any single discipline. We invite submissions that learn from the past, explore the present, and look ahead to a bright future. We welcome authors from a variety of disciplines: history, education, women’s studies, literature, psychology, feminism, family studies, religion, childhood studies, anthropology, sociology, social work, critical theory, political science, and development studies. The journal seeks to build intellectual bridges between scholarly disciplines and to bring together theory and practice, scholarship and activism, the academy and the “real world,” developed and developing nations. Our scope is global in focus and outreach.  We offer the journal at no charge to readers and eagerly invite contributions from thought leaders around the world.

The Journal, like our institutional host Wheelock College, is committed to creating a just world for children and families.  Join us in this important work.

The Journal now accepting submission in the following categories:

Research & Scholarship.  Full-length scholarly articles, generally submitted from academia, that fall in the range of 8,000-12,000 words, inclusive of endnotes and bibliography.   These articles conform to the highest standards of academic practice, and make a substantive, interdisciplinary, and wide-ranging contribution to knowledge.  Submissions are first evaluated by one or more editors.  If initially deemed suitable, the manuscript will undergo a double-blind review process.

Advocacy & Policy.  Essays by policy makers, practitioners, educators, NGOs, advocates, and scholars that broadly address issues of regulation, oversight, leadership, politics, and governance-in short, systemic issues.  These contributions, normally in the range of 5,000-8.000 words, undergo review by the editors but not blind-peer review.  These essays allow people who do not work within academia to draw on their experiences and expertise to offer substantive recommendations and policies.

Teaching & Learning.  These essays, approximately 3,000-8,000 words, explore strategies and education policies for teaching and learning about children, families, and social change.  Topics include the classroom, service learning, curricula, and pedagogy.  They are reviewed-but not double-blind reviewed.

Societal Forces & Trends.  These essays, approximately 3,000-8,000 words, discuss broad forces and trends that affect children, families, and schools-such as racism, classism, sexism, stereotyping, media and technology, commercialization, sexualization, and so forth. Often, articles will offer action strategies for challenging these forces and trends.  These articles are reviewed-but not double-blind reviewed.

Best Practices & Innovations.  These essays, approximately 3,000-8,000 words, offer practical strategies that address specific issues besetting children and families. They are reviewed-but not double-blind reviewed.

Research & Policy Notes.  These are not full articles or essay but brief entries, usually around 2,000-3,000 words, reporting on works-in-progress, conferences, workshops, doctoral research, policy changes and updates, and so forth, by scholars and practitioners alike.

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